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           There was once a little fly who thought he was very important. He felt proud of him self. One sunny morning, he flew around looking for some one to talk to. He saw a bull grazing in a field. He di\ecided to fly down to talk to him.
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            The little fly flew down and buzzed around the bull’s head. The bull did not bother him. He went on chewing grass.
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            The fly then buzzedright inside the bull’s ear. The bull continued chewing grass. The fly thought, “ What a stupid animal!”.
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            Now the fly decided to land on one of the bull’s horns to make the bull notice him. He waited for the bull to say something, but the bull kept quiet.
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            The fly then shouted angrily, “ oh, bull, if you find that I am too heavy for you, let me know and I’ll Fly away!”.
Lelang murah
            The bull laughed and said “ little fly, I don’t care if you stay or leave. Ypu are so tiny that your weight does not make any difference to ne, so please be quiet and leave me alone.”
lelang, lelang, lelang, lelang murah, diskon besar, diskon, DISKON, LELANG
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