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Facebook Profile Scan - Socioclean understand and protect your Social Reputation, Scan, Clean and Secure your Social Network Content facebook profile scan

Socioclean crawls through your Facebook, twitter, myspace flikr profiles,  it scans all your photos, groups and wall posts, and alerts you to anything inappropriate.facebook profile scan

Understand and protect your Social Reputation, Scan, Clean and Secure your Social Network Content today using Socioclean you can try it for FREE.facebook profile scan
facebook profile scan
Genius Idea:
In a 2009 Harris Interactive study for CareerBuilder.com, 45% of employers questioned had used social networks to screen job candidates. Thirty-five percent of them decided not to hire a candidate based on what they found. facebook profile scan

When this study started to generate press, Priyanshu Harshavat started to think about a way to help job candidates get their social profiles in shape before they were virtually audited by potential employers. The result is Socioclean, a program that scans social profiles for 5,000 words and phrases that are racial, profane, drug-related or alcohol-related.facebook profile scan

There are few things more embarrassing than getting caught with damaging materials on social profiles, particularly by a relative, employer, or competitor or what about someone you have just met maybe a new work colleague and become friends on Facebook.   What we posted weeks, months, even years ago can come back to bite us. That’s the nature of social media in many ways – to allow us to expose ourselves. The degree to which we do so, however, is often what gets us in trouble.

Depending on how active you are in social media, you should probably considering “cleaning” things up. I was recently asked by a friend to help her go through her social media profiles before she went job-hunting. It seemed that most services out there were geared towards businesses finding juice about us rather than us finding our own juice.
facebook profile scan
Businesses like Reputation.com and Brand-Yourselfalso help polish online reputations, but these startups are taking an SEO approach that helps push down negative and pull up positive search results for your name. Socioclean is the only service we know of that focuses on deleting offensive items from your social profiles.
facebook profile scan
Even if schools decide to teach students to set their Facebook privacy settings, instead of similarly embracing Socioclean, there are likely enough situations in which a squeaky clean profile is necessary — college applications, job applications, dating and professional networking included — to keep Socioclean in business.
facebook profile scan
Screen shot of Socioclean
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facebook profile scan
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