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 In Indonesia Sructure and principle of the present educational system are laid out on the guidelines of state policy. Today, education is complusory for 9 years and is provided free for all children betwen the ages of 6 and 15 years at all elementary and lower secondary public school. This mean that every child is required to attend those school.

Student who leave ower secondary school with good qualifications have the changes of continuing to study in the upper secondary school. They may choose public or private school. Indonesia upper secondary school has two kinds, general high school and vocational school.The general high school graduates are mainly intended to continue studying in university and the graduates of the vocantional school are suppsosed to be ready to work.

The general high school areas of study has three divisions, language studies, social sciences, and natural sscienses. and bassed on the 2004 curicullum, the first and second grade of general high school students study the same subjects,they are religious studies, states philosophy and civics, indonesians language and literature, national and international hystory, english language, physical exercise , mathematics, physics, biology,chemistry, economics, and geography. the tird grade students in the language students studies study religious studies states philosophy and civics, indonesians language and literature, national and international hystory, english language, and histories of culture. The socials scienes students study the same subject studied by the language  studies students  as principal rogram, except histories of culture. plus economics, sociology, states laws, and anthropologyy as vocantional program. The princial program studied by the social scienses students is also given to the natural scienses students. The natural scienses students study different subjects from the social scienses studnts. The vocational program for them are physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics.
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wits said...

Yeah...Actually, i dont really agree with our country's concept in education. do you know why?
because the curriculum, dont make student become creative. They only study by memorize many lesson. And, the result is when they"ve finished their study in high level (ex:in a college). It makes them to face e new problem, that is to be a joob seeker.
One thing to be underlined that: when they are studying, they have to learn many lessons. On the other hand, when they want to apply a job, all the lesson are not needed anymore. They only need a basic lesson, such as : math, communication, writing(typing). So, a little bit useless right?study many lesson, but not properly to be used...

Nice to read your article:)


thanks...... ;)

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