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Insurance is a mean of protection against money loss from many kinds of hazzards. Insurance companies make it possible for millions of people to put together money to protect each other from large losses. Insurance can also be a rewarding Investment that can help pay for a college education or for retirement.

There is no way of knowing who will have a loss or when a loss may happen. But at least some of the money hard ship can be met by Insurance. Losses cannot be measured in money alone, but insurance dollars recieved after a loss are helpful and often badly needed.

Without insurances, a man may lose all his earning power by a sudden injury. His home may burn down before it is paid for, leaving him with a large debt to pay and no place to live. If he dies, His family may be left without enough money to buy food or pay rent.

Then well insured man, on the other hand, has a certain peace of mind. he can feel secure in the knowledge That neither he not his family will have to bear the entire loss of sudden misfortune. he knows that if his house burns, His fire insurance company will indemnify ( pay ) him for all or part of the loss., according to hiis policy. And both h and his family gain a feeling of security in knowing that his life insurance company will pay his family money to make up at least in part for the loss of his income if he dies.
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