Mobile phones : good Or bad ?

Posted by It's My LIFE on Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everywhere you go nowdays, you see people using mobile phones. From school Children to the people, you see them talking in the super market, on trains, in the street, school, everywhere!!
So, what are the advangates of mobile phones?

            First for all, they are very convenient because you can phone from nearly any where. Another advantage is that they are really usefull in emergency situations.
            For example, if you are alone in you car and it breaks down, you can get help quickly. In addition, you can also use yourmobile to text your friends or connct to the next.
            However, there are disadvantages such as he cost. Mobile phone calls cost morethan normal calls. Furthermore, it can be annoying if you are on a train or a bus, and you have to listen to someone else’s boring covertation. It happens because people can contact you anywhere, at any time, unleass you switch your phone off!

            In coclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I Feel Mobile phone are a good thing because they give us more freedom and make communication easier.
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wits said...

yup, technology esp.handphone will bring two side, these are postive and negative impact..
thanks for link exchange. Sorry, i'm late to put yours in my blog. But, you can see that i already put your link, ok...

Anonymous said...

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